Design with Your Ears

How to Ensure Your Product Gets Used

When building a new product or designing a new feature, you always have a voice in the back of your mind whispering, "What if no one uses it? What if nobody really understands the value of what I am building? What if it becomes a total flop?"

This webinar with Feedly co-founder Arthur Bodolec will give you simple and quick techniques to ensure your product gets used. Arthur will show you how to pick the right target audience, how to gather user stories to make sure you are designing the right features, and best practices for testing your product.

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  • How to be an effective communicator

  • How to remain calm around difficult personality types

  • Techniques to ensure a successful launch

About the guest

Headshot of Arthur Bodolec

Arthur Bodolec

Co-founder at Feedly

Arthur Bodolec is Co-founder and Designer at Feedly, the service that connects people to their passions through content from all across the web. Since joining Feedly in 2011, Arthur has focused on user experience and product design in relation to content consumption across multiple devices. Arthur also created UX Archive, a site that archives some of the best user flows across iOS apps.