Transcripts in Action

Featuring Mike Mace & Janelle Estes

The new Transcripts feature from UserTesting enables you to extract insights from videos faster and more easily than ever before. In this webinar, Mike Mace, VP of Product Marketing, and Janelle Estes, VP of Solutions Consulting, describe how they’re using Transcripts to work more efficiently.

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You'll learn:

  • What you should expect from transcripts and how they fit in your workflow

  • How to create clips using the transcript

  • Navigating videos with the transcript

The webinar is great for people running user tests, and also for those who want to do user tests but are worried about the time needed to get insights from the videos.

About the guest

Headshot of Mike Mace & Janelle Estes from UserTesting

Mike Mace & Janelle Estes from UserTesting

Mike Mace is VP of Product Marketing at UserTesting. A longtime veteran of Silicon Valley, he co-founded two software startups, worked as an executive at Apple and Palm, and consulted on strategy and product planning to many of the tech industry’s leading firms.

Janelle Estes has over 10 years experience in using research to inform design decisions and create great experiences. As UserTesting's Vice President of Solutions Consulting, she helps enterprise companies strategize and develop research plans utilizing UserTesting's platform.