How growth teams are revolutionizing UX and product development

Featuring Casey Winters - Former Product Lead on the Growth Team at Pinterest

About this webinar

Success for technology companies isn't only about building a product. Growing a product's usage is, in many ways, a much harder problem to solve. Putting the burden on the marketing department alone to grow a product has shown to be less effective over time. So startups and larger companies alike are turning to growth teams to solve the challenge. And the user experience problems in growth are very different from building a product.

Casey Winters, the former product lead for the growth team at Pinterest and advisor to multiple growth teams at other companies, talks about how growth teams came to be, how they operate at scale, how the user experience challenges are different, and some effective experiments on specific channels he's seen in his career.

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You'll learn:

  • How a large growth team operates

  • The user experience problems growth teams face and how they solve them

  • How to prioritize opportunities to drive growth

About the guest

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Casey Winters

Former Product Lead on the Growth Team at Pinterest

Casey Winters has been working on growing technology companies for over a decade and now advises tech companies on their growth strategies. Prior to Greylock, Casey spent the last three years leading growth product efforts at Pinterest, helping the company grow to over 150 million monthly active users. Prior to Pinterest, Casey was the first marketer at Grubhub, an online food delivery service, helping the company grow from three cities to over 500.