UX research at Napster: A Product Manager’s perspective

Featuring Suzanne Scharlock - Product Manager at Napster

About this webinar

Napster revolutionized the music industry 17 years ago and now offers a streaming service that includes over 34 million songs. How does user research factor into Napster’s uncommon success? And how does a Product Manager handle everything from conducting UX research to implementing the findings?

Suzanne Scharlock, Product Manager at Napster, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how a PM handles UX and design issues. She talks through a project example to give you specific insights into her processes. Suzanne even answers over 20 questions from the audience at the end of her presentation!

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You'll learn:

  • Napster’s process for conducting user research that makes an impact

  • How Suzanne implements user research findings into the product

  • The keys for keeping other departments in the loop regarding your user research

About the guest

Headshot of Suzanne Scharlock

Suzanne Scharlock

Product Manager at Napster

Suzanne Scharlock is a Product Manager at Napster where she is helping to create a new music streaming app. She uses a combination of in-person and remote user testing as well as online surveying to pre-validate user desire for features before development. Before Napster, she was a founding member of the startup Reveal, which was acquired by Rhapsody International in April of 2015 after reaching 1 million users in under 9 months.