Research report: Evaluating the back-to-school retail experience

About this whitepaper

The weeks before the beginning of the school season are a busy time for shoppers and retailers. Parents shopping online or in stores have to prioritize price, quality, and convenience when making their purchase decisions, and the decisions of the retailer can make the customer experience positive or negative.

Here at UserTesting, we ran a 270-participant study on five top retailers to identify which back-to-school shopping experiences were the best across multiple devices and in stores.

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In this whitepaper, you'll find:

  • How the retailers measured up against each other on desktop, mobile, and in-store experiences 

  • Common issues that impacted the customer experience

  • Takeaways for other retail companies 

This whitepaper is for eCommerce professionals, retail business leaders, and anyone interested in the retail customer experience.

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