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“An essential part of Evernote's mobile design process.”

Philip Constantinou
VP of Products,

How it Works

  1. You create the test

    Easy Test Creation

    Specify test type, demographics and tasks you want users to perform.

    Test at any stage of development.

  2. We recruit participants

    We Recruit Participants

    We recruit your target audience from a panel of a million users.

    Users are available to test 24/7.

  3. You get results. Fast.

    Watch real people speaking their thoughts as they use your site or app.

    Create and share clips and highlight reels.

Over 20,000 happy customers


  1. Video of the True User Experience

    You receive a high quality video of the user's screen as they talk through what they're doing and thinking on your website or app. It's like you're inside their head!

  2. We Recruit Participants

    Test at Any Stage of Development

    You can test any website, app or prototype on iOS or Android phones and tablets. You can even test unreleased apps. Simply upload the file to us and we'll take care of distribution.

  3. We Recruit Participants

    Access to Our Diverse Panel

    No recruiting necessary. The minute you submit your test, we send it out to real people who match your criteria.

  1. Clips, Notes, & Sharing

    Ultra easy editing tools and sharing options make it effortless for your team to focus on key findings. No editing software needed!

  2. We Recruit Participants

    Quick Turnaround

    In most cases, you'll be watching your videos in less than 24 hours. That's why we're the industry leader in turnaround time for qualitative usability testing.

  3. within 24 hours

    A Plan That's Right for You

    UserTesting is an Enterprise level service, but we have pricing that even startups can afford. Run single user tests at $49/user or save money and get even more features by signing up for a small business or enterprise subscription.

Get honest feedback from real users on your website or app today!

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