4 Stages of Building and Scaling a UX Team

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Several years ago, the idea of building, let alone scaling, a UX team was rare. We were only just beginning to embrace the idea that the user's experience was important. But there's no doubt that the companies that have zeroed in on user-centered design are reaping the benefits.

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Dedicating an entire team to focus on it probably would’ve seemed extravagant and unnecessary back then. But things have changed in the past few years, and it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore the impact of a good (or bad) user experience.

In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • Operating as a UX team of one

  • Establishing and scaling your UX team

  • Sustaining and supporting your UX team

This eBook is for UX Directors, VPs of Product, or anyone who’s thinking about expanding their organization’s UX team—whether it’s just one person or a whole department.

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