Customer-Obsessed. Customer-Centric. Brand Culture. Emotional Branding. Customer Empathy. You see these terms, find related statistics, and hear rallying cries for companies, brands and marketers to adopt strategies around them. And while it's one thing to build a single brand campaign that “resonates emotionally with your customers,” how can you actually build a culture of customer empathy and understanding into your brand, messaging and overall team mindset?

Join Michelle Huff, CMO of UserTesting, Shiv Singh, SVP & GM Brand Expedia at Expedia Group, Norman Guadagno CMO of Acoustic, and Katie Wagner, VP Employee Experience at Liquid Agency for a panel discussion around customer centricity and marketing.

They cover:

  • Win today's crazy new world, how are brands adapting in real-time to customers' ever-changing behaviors, preferences and needs?
  • How do you build customer obsession into your brand and messaging?
  • Strategies for creating customer empathy and centricity into your team mindset and culture.
  • How does this all relate back to your brand and driving revenue, increasing customer loyalty, and growing your market share?

Michelle Huff
Chief Marketing Officer

Shiv Singh
SVP & GM Brand Expedia

Norman Guadagno
Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Wagner
VP Employee Experience
Liquid Agency

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