Developing a business case for customer experience insights

For companies that want to remain competitive in the modern ecosystem, customer experience is a growing concern.

However, there’s a gap between the vision and the actual experience delivery. Studies by Gartner and PWC, respectively, found that while 90% of customer-facing employees said they understood the needs of their customers, only 38% of consumers feel the employees they interact with understand their needs. and only 1% of companies actually deliver an excellent experience.

Improving your organization’s CX doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a combination of influencing key decision-makers and proving results. This whitepaper will equip you with a plan to gain buy-in and momentum for your CX improvements.


In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Determine your company’s current CX maturity and plan your progress

  • Develop support from executives for CX initiatives

  • Measure your results and prove ROI

This guide is for Directors or VPs of Ecommerce, Marketing, or CX who want to make real improvements to their company’s customer experience.

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