Experience Design (XD) and software development are two critical competencies for any company looking to achieve digital success.

Siloed design and development teams deliver subpar software, don’t fall victim to this.

Read the latest report published by Forrester to learn how organizational triads of product management, design, and development help teams effectively communicate customers' needs and technological feasibility to drive strategy and prioritization for the best outcomes.

Key takeaways from this report include:

  • Ability to quickly recognize issues silos can cause
  • Learn established product management practices that effectively bring design and development closer together
  • Understand customer expectations around effective, easy experiences and the positive emotions that cement their loyalty

“In legacy companies, you see a lot of people who think they know what customers think, but usually those features will not be practical and can’t be built.” Without open dialogue between user experience (UX) researchers and engineers, developers will try to make the most of a bad design. This won’t please anybody in your organization — and it won’t provide a pleasurable customer experience. 

-- UserTesting Interviewee, Forrester Report: Adopt Product Management To Connect Design And Development

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