The marketer’s guide to user testing

About this ebook

As marketers, we rely on data to guide our decisions. We run A/B tests. We use robust analytics tools. We find out where customers are converting, and where they’re not. We know exactly what our customers are doing.

But there’s one major problem: we don’t always understand why.

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve probably thought your job would be easier if only you understood what’s actually going on inside your customers’ heads.

The only way to be sure what customers are thinking is to ask them. And the way to do that is by user testing.

Find out why customers do what they do so you can adjust your strategy to boost your conversion rates and improve your customer experience.

In this eBook, learn how to run studies for:

  • Evaluating how customers perceive your brand
  • Understanding the cross-channel customer journey
  • Optimizing your landing pages and forms

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