A Web for Everyone

Involving People with Disabilities in UX Research

About this Resource

You know accessibility is important and try to follow accessibility guidelines. But how do unlabeled form fields affect user experience? What's the impact of opening a link in a new tab, or resetting focus to a search input field? How can you learn the context for these guidelines and make designs that improve accessible user experience? By including people with disabilities in user research and usability testing.

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In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Ways to include people with disabilities in UX research

  • Things to consider when doing usability testing with people with disabilities

  • Accessible UX insights from our research activities

Expertise level: Intermediate

About the guest

Headshot of Sarah Horton

Sarah Horton

Co-author of A Web for Everyone

Sarah has over 20 years experience in interaction and user experience design. As Director of Accessible User Experience and Design for the Paciello Group, she works with companies and organizations to improve accessibility and accessible user experience in digital products and services. She is co-author of A Web for Everyone with Whitney Quesenbery and Web Style Guide with Patrick Lynch.