Adaptive Web Design

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Designers and UX professionals, this webinar is for you. You know all about responsive web design, but are you an expert in adaptive design?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn from the person who wrote the book on adaptive web design and discover how to craft an amazing experience across all of your customers’ devices.

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  • How to be an effective communicator

  • How to remain calm around difficult personality types

  • Techniques to ensure a successful launch

About the guest

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Aaron Gustafson

Author of Adaptive Web Design

Aaron has nearly 15 years of experience on the web and, in that time, has cultivated a love of web standards and an in-depth knowledge of website strategy and architec­ture, interface design, and numerous languages. He co-founded Retreats 4 Geeks, an intimate technology training series, and is Group Manager of the Web Standards Project (WaSP). He wrote the JavaScript library eCSStender,  and serves as Technical Editor for A List Apart.