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Secrets of Mobile Success:
A panel discussion

A panel discussion with Michael Mace, Jason Cranford Teague,
Greg Nudelman, and Theresa Neil.

We've brought together a keynote speaker from Apple's WWDC, a best-selling author, a user research expert, and a brilliant international designer to discuss mobile success. Delve deep into tough mobile development topics and listen to answers from the hardest questions facing mobile today!

Learn tips and techniques on how to be a raging success in mobile!

About the Speakers
Michael Mace
VP of Mobile Strategy at UserTesting
Michael Mace is the VP of Mobile Strategy UserTesting. A longtime veteran of Silicon Valley, he co-founded two software startups, worked as an executive at Apple and Palm, was a keynote speaker at Apple's WWDC, and consulted on strategy and product planning for many of the tech industry’s leading firms.
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Jason Cranford Teague
Author of DHTML
Jason works as a UX Lead at Gannett Digital, directing the design of USA TODAY's content management system.
Greg Nudelman
Author of Android Design Patterns
Greg is the author of Android Design Patters: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers.
Theresa Neil
Independent Interface Designer
Theresa is an international design expert, and co-authored Designing Web Interfaces with Bill Scott.