The Four Mobile Traps: The Most Common Mistake Made by Mobile Apps and Websites

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Are you making one of these common mistakes on your mobile site or app?

Discover what we've learned from watching over a thousand mobile usability videos so you don't fall into the mobile pitfalls that have ensnared others.

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Want to know the four traps to avoid and the single most important feature that less than 15% of mobile apps have? Download our free eBook, "The Four Mobile Traps: The Most Common Mistakes Made by Mobile Apps and Websites" by filling out the form on the right.

About the Author

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Mike Mace

Mobile Strategist at UserTesting

A longtime veteran of Silicon Valley, Mike co-founded two software startups, worked as an executive at Apple and Palm, was a keynote speaker at Apple's WWDC, and consulted on strategy and product planning for many of the tech industry’s leading firms.