TurboTax case study

Intuit successfully launches health insurance section of TurboTax with help from UserTesting

About this case study

TurboTax, the #1 best-selling tax software in the U.S., faced a unique challenge: 2014 was the first tax year that U.S. taxpayers had to report their health coverage to the IRS, meaning that TurboTax needed to identify a way to accurately guide taxpayers through the newly required healthcare forms.

To ensure that they were leading users through a clear and easy-to-understand experience, TurboTax enlisted the help of UserTesting. They got feedback from taxpayers all across the U.S. to validate their prototypes and identify effective messaging.

Read the full case study to learn how TurboTax collected user feedback throughout development to refine the user experience without slowing down the process.

case study cover

  • How to be an effective communicator

  • How to remain calm around difficult personality types

  • Techniques to ensure a successful launch

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