It’s known as the empathy gap. 75% of organizations believe they are customer-centric, yet only 30% of their customers agree.

How do top product managers and designers bridge this gap to build products their users not only want—but need? 

Join Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes, as she shares a proven formula to strategically deploy empathy to make the right product decisions—without slowing down design cycles.

Leave knowing how: 

  • (and why) CX leaders outperform laggards by 183%;
  • empathy can help product managers better understand and define market problems, and then ideate, prototype, and test product ideas;
  • to determine what people will actually do versus what they say they will do; and
  • to strategically develop your “gut instinct” based on customer insights.

Chief Insights Officer

Michael Mace
VP, Market Strategy

Mike is a 25-year veteran of the tech industry. He held marketing and strategy roles at Apple and Palm, co-founded two startups, and has also consulted for many tech industry companies.
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