In the fourth episode of The Business is Human Webinar Series, we were joined by Cassandra Mally, Director, Customer Research and Cyndi Hosch, Sr. Researcher, Customer Experience at GoDaddy in conversation with Dipan Patel, Director of Solutions Consulting at UserTesting.

In this weekly series we meet thought leaders in a variety of roles and industries with one thing in a common - a passion for CX. These customer experience experts give us a glimpse into their working reality–and how they put the customer first to drive business impact.

Cassandra Mally
Director, Customer Research

Cassie attended ASU, where she received her Masters in Applied Psychology in 2006. She obtained her first real taste of UX Research through an internship at Intel in 2005. Moving into a career at Intel, it was love at first sight when it came to research. In 2008, Cassie took a chance on a then small company called GoDaddy. At the time, she was a lone-researcher in a developer led-company, which felt research was an optional step in their process. Now, after over 12 years at GoDaddy, she leads a team of six fabulous CX researchers, facilitates a large-scale DIY research program, and can confidently say that the ‘Research Love Flame’ is very much alive, not only for her but for the rest of her now, Customer-led, company as well!
Cyndi Hosch
Sr. Researcher, Customer Experience

Cyndi attended Arizona State University and graduated in 2008 with a degree in Applied Psychology and Business. Her first job was conducting research in behalf of the Department of Defense. In 2011, she made the switch to the tech industry, where she has found her niche. Her experience includes building a research program at a leading CRM and automation software company, managing a team of researchers, mentoring university students, and presenting at local UX events.
Dipan Patel
Director of Solutions Consulting

Dipan enjoys helping people keep their customers at the center of product development decisions. Currently, he is Director of Solutions Consulting at UserTesting. With his deep user research and account management experience, he advises teams on remote research best practices.

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