In the third episode of The Business is Human Webinar Series, we were joined by Logan Boggs, Brand Senior Copywriter in conversation with Amanda Woods, Senior Solutions Consultant at UserTesting.

In this weekly series we meet thought leaders in a variety of roles and industries with one thing in a common - a passion for CX. These customer experience experts give us a glimpse into their working reality–and how they put the customer first to drive business impact.

Logan Boggs
Brand Senior Copywriter
Capital One

Logan is a Senior Copywriter & human insights expert at Capital One. He’s spent 10 years helping develop customer-centric marketing & experiences in finance & healthcare. When he isn’t putting customers first, he’s hitting the mountain bike trails throughout Virginia.
Amanda Woods
Senior Solutions Consultant

Amanda Woods is a research and CX professional who has spent the last 15 years helping clients give their customers a seat at the table in decision making. She is currently a Solutions Consultant at UserTesting and loves showing our customers how fast and easy it is to achieve Human Insights with our platform.
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