In the second episode of The Business is Human Webinar Series, we were joined by Archie Miller, UX Discovery Coach in conversation with Anthony Rogalski, Senior Solutions Consultant at UserTesting.

In this weekly series we meet thought leaders in a variety of roles and industries with one thing in a common - a passion for CX. These customer experience experts give us a glimpse into their working reality–and how they put the customer first to drive business impact.

Archie Miller
UX Discovery Coach

Archie started his experience design career over 20 years ago before the coining of terms like UX and Design Thinking. He’s worked as a designer, as a researcher, as a design leader. Now working as a Discovery Coach, he’s been part of teams that shaped product culture at Crutchfield, Snag, and CarMax. Over the last year, he helped more than 30 product teams across four different companies level-up discovery practices that measure success by outcomes, not output.
Anthony Rogalski
Senior Solutions Consultant

Anthony is a Senior Solutions Consultant for UserTesting. Prior to UserTesting, he worked on the Customer Experience Analyst, and Sales Engineer at ForeSee where he consulted organizations on CX best practices and strategies specializing in the Financial Services industry.
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