AD&D Pros: Stop Guessing And Start Experimenting
(A Forrester report)
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Continuous Improvement: The Modern Application Delivery Playbook

Most application development and delivery (AD&D) teams are stuck guessing about what their users need and tend to rely on internal sources to guide their decisions. This approach to development is no longer sufficient to keep up with changing user preferences or increasingly complex production environments.

Read this Forrester report to learn how experimentation platforms can shorten time-to-value by enabling dev teams to test ideas directly with customers, experiment with functional parameters, and release service components in a safe, controlled manner.

In this report you will learn:

  • How to leverage experimentation in production without posing additional risks.
  • Limitations with relying solely on subject matter experts to guide decision making processes.
  • How experimentation with real users and real data can speed innovation.
  • How direct user testing can help dev teams more effectively determine winning approaches and settle internal arguments.


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