Whether you’re launching a new startup or aiming to take an established one to the next level, there’s always a huge risk and high uncertainty involved. This is why prioritizing customer understanding and empathy is so critical for startups to build experiences that meet - and exceed - their customers’ needs as well as develop long-term customer loyalty.

With effective user research and testing, product, design, and marketing leaders can gain valuable insights from end users to reduce risk from the outset and build a culture of learning from their customers and prospects.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Pablo Sanchez, VP of Design, and Jackie Ansell, Product Designer at Total Brain as they discuss the importance of incorporating user feedback at every stage of the design and development process.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The critical role user feedback plays in driving growth for your startup
  • Tips for scaling UX research when you don’t have a dedicated research team
  • How to incorporate the voice of the customer into your decision-making process
  • How to incorporate the voice of the customer into your decision-making process

Pablo Sanchez
VP of Design
Total Brain

Design leader with 15+ years of experience leading UX teams in Europe, USA, and Asia. He studied Fine Arts in Madrid, Innovation at Stanford Graduate Business School, and now he is completing his MBA at the University of Berlin Steinbeis. In the past, Pablo has built and lead UX teams for very large organizations such as Yahoo!, Chase or Hewlett-Packard. Since he moved to Silicon Valley, his interest has turned to smaller companies/startups such as TiVo or Total Brain. Pablo’s work has been honored by Nielsen/Norman and The Webby Awards. Pablo is a lifelong learner marked by curiosity and enthusiasm. His excitement for UX leadership –and UX research in particular– is derived from transforming actionable insights into meaningful experiences impacting real people’s lives. He is super passionate about board games, art, design, and dry martinis.
Jackie Ansell
Product Designer
Total Brain

Jackie is a product designer at Total Brain that primarily focuses on strategy and UX Research initiatives. She obtained her Masters degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute and has previously approached customer experience through the lens of copywriting and research for primarily small businesses. Jackie is always seeking creative ways to encourage cross collaboration and champions being a liaison between design decisions and business objectives. Jackie geeks out on all things handmade and you can frequently find her making jewelry at her amateur in home studio that is slowly taking over her apartment.
Sam Maliska
Solutions Consultant Manager

Sam leads a team of Solutions Consultants at UserTesting and has spent most of the last decade applying his background in Psychology to UX and HCI. In his free time, Sam enjoys tinkering in his workshop, getting off the grid, and racing downhill mountain bikes.
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