3 strategies for increasing mobile commerce profitability in 2017

About this Whitepaper

Even though smartphone use continues to rise among consumers, many retail organizations share the belief that mobile doesn't convert.

While it often appears that mobile simply underperforms, there’s more to the issue. Mobile’s contribution is complex and difficult to accurately attribute—but by discounting its importance, many retail organizations sabotage themselves.

So how can companies break the cycle and succeed in mobile commerce?

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In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Why investing in your internal mobile team is the key to mobile conversions

  • How to adapt to the customer’s mobile mindset to meet their needs

  • How user research can contribute to higher conversions and revenue across all channels

This whitepaper is for VPs of eCommerce, Digital Strategy Executives, and any organizational leaders who want to improve mobile’s impact on business success.

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