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We thank you for your Referral submissions. Our Partner Managers will review this potential opportunity and get back to you with any questions they may have. All submissions will be given careful consideration and review and we will follow up in a timely manner.

The UserTesting Referral Program enables you to bring sales opportunities to UserTesting, so we can work together to close the deal, and you get paid - while together we enable customers to more effectively deliver great experiences.

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Referrals provide a mutually beneficial incentive for partners:

  • You will... Earn Referral Fees for bringing prospects or opportunities to UserTesting
  • And have the opportunity to ….Collaborate with our UserTesting sales teams to close larger deals
  • While you….Build deeper relationships with the UserTesting teams and your Customer’s teams to drive future revenue growth

UserTesting consistently works with expert practitioners like you with deep industry knowledge and experience. We will work hand-in-hand with you on submitted opportunities with the intent of bringing them to closure.

UserTesting carefully reviews each Referral Program member and selects only the best based on their unique domain expertise, service offering, and/or vertical market knowledge to ensure the opportunities they submit will be the best ‘fit’ for us - also ensuring that we provide your organization with world-class support throughout our relationship and offering the potential customer(s) best in class products.

Thank you for your Referral. The UserTesting teams look forward to working with you.

Please contact the UT Partner team at [email protected]

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