Market researchers: how fast can you qual?

As market researchers, you know that qualitative research projects can feel like they take forever to complete. By the time you've completed your analysis, stakeholders have often moved on to something else. But, what if you could speed up the process of getting qualitative insights?

The good news is that you can. After all, qualitative and quantitative insights are better together. 

This guide is for market researchers or anyone who is looking to speed up their qualitative insights without sacrificing quality. We'll show you the benefits of streamlining recruiting, testing in-store experiences remotely, and how to speed up your analysis. 
Scaling research for better CX

What's inside

  • Lean on the power of remote research: We'll show you how remote research can be cheaper, faster, and easier without sacrificing quality. Plus, working remotely means that you're not limited in who you can recruit and from where. 
  • Make quantitative research more effective: Learn how market researchers are combining quantitative studies and qualitative studies using Qualtrics. 
  • Automate your analysis when possible: Not only can you speed up recruitment and data collection, but there are tools to help you automate your analysis and focus on the most relevant parts such as transcripts, sentiment analysis, and more. 
Plus, we'll show you videos and real stories from companies like AAA, Deliveroo, Freeletics, Dick's Sporting Goods, GoDaddy, and more. Just fill out the form to access your free guide now!

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