Customer feedback, voice of the customer, customer empathy, human insights. Whatever you call it, there’s no doubt that now, more than ever, deeply understanding your customers’ needs and wants is critical to success, no matter what business you’re in. But how can organizations collect and share this information in a way that it’s actionable and impactful?

In this five-part lesson series on insights for business, delivered by experts from The Hartford, Silicon Valley Product Group, Chartio, GoDaddy, and UserTesting, you’ll learn how customer insights can, and should, inform strategy, with practical tips and examples you can immediately apply.

Join us every Friday to cap off your week with some professional development. A recording of the session will be emailed to all registrants each week for those that aren’t able to join or would like to refer back to the lessons.

  • April 9th: Customer empathy as a business differentiator

Making authentic connections with customers matters now more than ever as we continue to understand and adapt to the "new normal" together. Connecting business goals, customer insights, and outcomes ensures that your team consistently makes the right decisions. And it all starts with a framework for using empathy. In this session you’ll learn how to discover what matters most to your internal stakeholders and to your business, strategies to incorporate empathy into your customer experience decisions, and ways to connect ROI to empathy through measurement.

With Lija Hogan, Customer Experience Consultant, UserTesting


Past Sessions

  • March 12th: Putting the customer at the center of your innovation strategy

How does a business develop new products that its customers need and want? In this session we'll discuss multiple customer-first research methodologies that we use to evaluate new ideas and bring them to life. We'll also review a recent successful product launch and highlight how our approach can be used by any team looking to innovate and bring customer-centric experiences to market.

With Mariko Frost, Associate Director User Experience, The Hartford

Mariko Frost - The Hartford.jpeg

  • March 19th: Don’t Guess, Just Test–Even if your Product Sucks

In Product, we’re so fortunate to be in a position to engage with customers, to deeply understand their needs and problems, to harness our creativity to design and validate solutions for them and to deliver high-quality solutions. But delivering a great product means going through many iterations and capturing a lot of customer feedback. And let’s face it, you'll have to weather a lot of criticism about your product along the way. In this session, learn about how to iterate efficiently, why critics are good for your product, and how to master techniques for turning feedback into value.

With Christian Idiodi, Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG).

Christian Idiodi - SVPG.jpg

  • March 26th: Reimagining usability: finally making data accessible to all

For over 40 years Business Intelligence products have promised to enable business users to explore and understand their enterprise data. Excel delivered on that, but only for single spreadsheets. For organizations who need to understand large structured datasets, they’re still reliant on IT and Data teams that know SQL or who are experts on complex BI products.

After running hundreds of user tests, Chartio found that their own BI product (that’s rated the best!) only enabled 1 in 10 people to explore data. So they embarked on a lengthy process to finally deliver on this 40 year promise, creating a new standard for usability in the BI space. They created thousands of designs, ran extensive user tests on multiple prototypes and eventually created an interface, Visual SQL that now intuitively enables 8 in 10 users (not just data teams) to explore and understand their data.

Join Chartio’s Founder and CEO, Dave Fowler and VP of Product Kevin Minnick, for a revealing look into this journey. They’ll share:

Best practices for fast, targeted user testing
Strategies for drawing conclusions from qualitative feedback
Tips for creating an evergreen testing framework
Advice for avoiding common pitfalls

With Kevin Minnick, VP Product, and Dave Fowler, CEO, Chartio

    • April 2nd: Awareness and consideration benchmarking, a case study

    The GoDaddy brand is focused on championing everyday entrepreneurs and helping them succeed online. The team relies on a UX benchmarking study they developed to track how customers engage with the GoDaddy brand, focusing on the awareness and consideration phases of the customer journey so that they can better understand the perception of their advertising, search engine presence, home pages, and website design vs. two primary competitors. In this lesson, they’ll share how they designed the study, as well as how it helped them gain alignment with decision-makers and pave the way for successful brand strategies.

    With Ashley Chinzi, UX/CX Researcher, and Rupa Patel, Lead CX/UX Researcher, GoDaddy




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