2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey: Executive Summary

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The fields of user experience and user research have taken a new shape over the past few years. No longer relegated to a few lone champions in any given organization, the user experience has become the concern of everyone from product designers to senior executives.

In our fourth annual UX and User Research Industry Survey, we asked 2,238 professionals across a wide variety of industries how their organizations are approaching user experience and conducting user research.

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In this executive summary, you’ll find the key takeaways from the survey results, including:

  • At which stages of product design and development companies are conducting research

  • How executive support for UX initiatives is shifting

  • Trends in user research budgets, methodologies, and frequency

Download the executive summary of the 2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey to find out how the industry is evolving and how your organization may be impacted.

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