In this webinar, you’ll get a full look at our latest human insight innovations, and learn how our exciting new features empower more teams to capture customer feedback more efficiently than ever.

Join Nate Wright, VP of Product Marketing, and Brian Tran, Director of Product Management, for a deep dive session on how our newest platform enhancements:

  • Enable marketing teams to test messaging, promotions, and campaigns - in an environment where customer empathy is more important than ever - with Marketing Insight and other enhanced features
  • Make it possible to deeply understand customer attitudes and behaviors, even if you can’t connect with your customers in person, through new enhancements to Live Conversation, and new tools for Full Mobile Recording and Secure Prototype Hosting
  • Help all teams streamline test creation and analysis to get insights more efficiently with Test Templates, Sentiment Tagging, and improved excel reporting
Nate Wright
Vice President of Product Marketing

Nate Wright leads the Product Marketing team at UserTesting, where he oversees go-to-market strategies across the UserTesting platform, leading the effort to evangelize innovations in human insights. He is passionate about empowering businesses to use technology to deliver better, more customer-driven experiences and brings more than 15 years of experience building and scaling teams in the software, advertising, and e-commerce industries.
Brian Tran
Director of Product Management

Brian Tran is Director of Product at UserTesting. He leads the company’s flagship product, which helps organizations deliver the best customer experience powered by human insights. He has over 10 years of experience growing customer-centered product teams at early-stage startups as well as enterprise companies, and across multiple domains including healthcare, financial services, and B2B.
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