Product Rebels Founder Vidya Dinamani and UserTesting’s Senior Director of Product Brian Tran discuss both the internal and external challenges and opportunities product teams are currently facing, including:

  • How product teams can access feedback from target customers and get to empathy and insights at a time when it may be difficult to reach and connect with people
  • Tips for working effectively with designers and engineers when everyone’s remote and how to continue to stay aligned with internal stakeholders during these uncertain times
Vidya Dinamani
Founder & Partner
Product Rebels

Vidya Dinamani is founder at Product Rebels - a product training and coaching company that teaches people hands-on ways to become stronger, customer-focused product managers. Vidya has over 18 years of experience in product - including multiple executive roles at leading companies such as Intuit. She’s coached over 200 companies from startups to Fortune 50, and loves seeing teams transform when they have the understanding, tools and confidence to build products that customers love.
Brian Tran
Senior Director, Product Management

Brian Tran is Senior Director of Product at UserTesting. He leads the company’s flagship product, which helps organizations deliver the best customer experience powered by human insights. He has over 10 years of experience growing customer-centered product teams at early-stage startups as well as enterprise companies, and across multiple domains including healthcare, financial services, and B2B.
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