In this series, we'll be shining a spotlight on some of our UserTesting Illumi Award distinguished CX luminaries.

In this episode, join Sara Lerner, Senior Program Manager, Customer Research at Microsoft, and Horyun Song, UX Researcher at Microsoft, in a fireside chat with UserTesting Solutions Consultant, Josh Camire. Sara and Horyun will be discussing how their roles impact Microsoft's customer experience, methods' and processes for collecting and sharing customer feedback and insights, and the importance of having the customers' perspective in the work that they do.

Sara Lerner
Senior Program Manager, Customer Research

Sara Lerner is a preschool teacher turned program manager with a passion for diversity and inclusion. She has led programs at both Microsoft and Amazon focused on a variety of different areas including online learning, diversity and inclusion, customer research and employee engagement. Currently, she is the Customer Research program manager for the Microsoft Content and Learning team which owns Microsoft Docs, Learn and Q&A and is the home for all online technical documentation at Microsoft.
Horyun Song
UX Researcher

Horyun is a UX researcher who brings customer voice and insights into product development. She is keen on making research everyone's business and enjoys helping others plan and run their own research.

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