How do you de-risk your entry into the US market and maximize reward?

“A lot of companies say ‘I know my product, I know what I’m doing, I’ve sold in Europe.’ It’s not the same as in the U.S. though,” - Christophe Garnier, managing director of Spark Labs.

A successful landing in the crowded American market isn't a given, no matter how successful your brand may be in its current region. To guarantee the best chances of success and to minimise the risk, you need to start your research and preparation long before you begin your market entry.

So, if your business is looking to break into the US market, what are the key insights you should be looking to gain to ensure your success? Join this live webinar to learn how to;

  1. Validate your product-market fit for the US in your initial stages of discovery.
  2. Get fast and scalable feedback from the US audience on your brand, product, UI, and marketing before launching to ensure your product is successful in the new market
  3. Understand the competitive landscape in the US and align your positioning, while learning how to differentiate to gain market share

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Louis Granger
Head of EMEA Solutions Consulting

Louis Granger heads up the Solutions Consulting team in EMEA for UserTesting. Louis works with CX professionals across all verticals, helping them bring their Customer Experience initiatives to life through the UserTesting platform.


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