In this week's episode of the Espresso Webinar Series, our Director of EMEA Marketing, Amy Kelly, joins Head of UX Architecture at The Stars Group, Daryn Hobden.

During this episode, we discuss UX best practices in the gaming industry, the unity and differentiation between CX and UX, and how driving next level CX will directly impact your business’s bottom line.

Daryn Hobden
Head of UX Architecture
The Stars Group

Daryn Hobden is Head of UX Architecture at The Stars Group, a global leader in the online, mobile gaming and interactive entertainment industries which offers products such as PokerStars, FOX Bet and Sky Bet. With over 20 years of experience in the UX design industry, and familiar with wearing many hats in the UX field, including; UX Architect, UX Evangelist and UX Designer, Daryn has a goal to bridge the empathy gap with customers and a passion to take UX to the next level.
Danielle Macdonald
Head of Design Research

Danielle recently joined TransferWise as Head of Design Research. Previously she was Head of UX Research at Receipt Bank, managing a great team of researchers and defining UX research best practice. Leading in this space meant influencing strategy and organisational priorities to provide diverse user bases with intuitive, satisfying, delightful experiences.
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