In today’s experience economy, the companies who will win are the ones who can best understand their customers and build experiences that meet those customer’s needs. This has never been more true than today, when customer attitudes and behaviors are changing so rapidly.

To understand the impact that customer feedback and human insights can have on a business, UserTesting commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. Forrester Consulting examined the potential Return on Investment (ROI) organizations might realize by implementing the UserTesting Human Insight Platform, including benefits, costs, risks and flexibility. The study found that organizations can drive a 665% ROI with UserTesting.

Please join Nate Wright, VP of Product Marketing at UserTesting and guest speakers Kelly Price, Senior Analyst from Forrester and Casey Sirotnak, TEI Consultant from Forrester as they provide attendees with a framework to evaluate the financial impact of the UserTesting Human Insight Platform.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How business can drive a 665% ROI over three years with the UserTesting Human Insight Platform
  • Different ways UserTesting can help companies increase profit, decrease costs, and deliver more customer-driven experiences
  • Examples of how companies are using the UserTesting Human Insight Platform to improve their customer experiences and drive value for their businesses
Nate Wright
VP of Product Marketing

Nate Wright leads the Product Marketing team at UserTesting, where he oversees go-to-market strategies across the UserTesting platform, leading the effort to evangelize innovations in human insights. He is passionate about empowering businesses to use technology to deliver better, more customer-driven experiences and brings more than 15 years of experience building and scaling teams in the software, advertising, and e-commerce industries.
Kelly Price
Senior Analyst

Kelly is a senior analyst serving customer experience (CX) professionals. Her research focuses on customer research practices, exploring how CX professionals can leverage customer understanding to drive cross-team collaboration, build customer empathy, and create innovative, emotionally resonant experiences for their customers.
Casey Sirotnak
TEI Consultant

Casey Sirotnak is a consultant for the Total Economic Impact™ practice at Forrester. In this role, she has worked with a number of technology clients to demonstrate and justify the business return on investment (ROI) and value of technology investments, based on the costs, benefits, flexibility, and risk associated with specific investments.

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