Recorded on September 10, 2020

Dennis Hahn
Chief Strategy Officer
Liquid Agency

Michelle Huff
Chief Marketing Officer



Discover new methods for concept and campaign message testing–going beyond the traditional focus group and survey to tap into the real human perspective through vox pop video, remote live conversations, and think-aloud Q&A. They will also share some example responses of recent message tests so you can see the power of emotional data in marketing, first-hand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Testing gives you confidence when putting out potentially sensitive messaging such as COVID related ads
  • If you're not testing the first opportunity to get feedback on your campaign is when it goes live, that is actually the first test - and it's a risky and potentially very expensive one. 
  • Trends have been emerging and changing quickly over the past few months - the current trend is "return to normalcy" (eg: not showing masks on people in ads anymore)