To celebrate 1 year of The Espresso Webinar Series, we welcomed back some very special guests from the first series for a 1-hour panel episode.

Our Director of EMEA Marketing, Amy Kelly, welcomes Danielle Macdonald, Design Director at Wise, Justin Berkovi, CPO at Healthily, Nicola Lush, Lead UI-UX Designer at Domino’s Pizza and, Stephanie McNee, UX Manager at Google.

It’s been a year since our first conversations with our guests, so we be discussed how teams have adapted to remote research, how team cross-collaboration has changed and shared advice for those ramping up in a remote work environment.

An episode not to be missed!

Danielle Macdonald
Design Director

Danielle is the Design Director at Wise (previously Transferwise). Prior to Wise, Danielle was Head of UX Research at Receipt Bank, managing a great team of researchers and defining UX research best practice. Leading in this space meant influencing strategy and organisational priorities to provide diverse user bases with intuitive, satisfying, delightful experiences. Before Receipt Bank, Danielle worked in UX Research at Facebook, exploring new ways of helping people connect and share, and has worked in Australia and the US, as well as here in the UK.

Justin Berkovi

Justin Berkovi has over 22 years of experience in design, innovation and technology. Previous experience includes Product Strategist at Google, Deutsche Bank and VISA. He also founded startups, an award-winning agency and the Mental Health Workshop ‘A Better Tomorrow’. With a passion for the application of humanity to technology, Justin is now the Chief Product Officer at Healthily (previously Your.MD), the health app that is on a mission to help a billion people find health through self-care.

In the words of Justin Berkovi, ‘in an ideal product environment, you would always be launching to market, testing, building and learning’.

Nicola Lush
Lead UI-UX Designer
Domino’s Pizza

Nicola is a highly passionate designer and researcher who manages the UI and UX team at Domino's Pizza. She loves a good problem to solve, and her focus is on delivering friction-free user journeys so people can get their pizza as quickly and easily as possible. She works to bring the customer into the heart of her projects, using insights and testing to create accessible and user-friendly interfaces. Outside of work she enjoys playing hockey and her favourite Domino's Pizza is a Mighty Meaty.

Stephanie McNee
UX Manager

Stephanie McNee is a multidisciplinary research leader with over 16 years of experience working with product teams and growing research in agile environments. Stephanie is passionate about understanding and championing users, bringing them to the heart of product development to create intelligent, smart products that bring value and delight people.

Stephanie is a UX Manager at Google. Before joining Google, Stephanie was previously a Senior Manager at Deliveroo, and led research at Facebook’s Ad and Business Research team in London and led global UX research efforts for Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson Healthcare and Motorola (Chicago) and others for B2B and consumer products.

Originally from Scotland, Stephanie has a background in Cognitive Psychology and HCI Internet Software development and has lived in the US and Australia for over 10 years and now lives in London.

Stephanie also mentors professionals through professional sharing and UXPA, to help early professionals grow in their careers.

Peter Markey
Chief Marketing Officer

From 1st Feb, Pete Markey is Chief Marketing Officer for Boots where he is responsible for brand and marketing for the UK and ROI. Pete has held senior leadership roles at TSB, Aviva, the Post Office, RSA and MORE TH>N with his early career at Onetel, the AA and British Gas. He is an experienced Director, having worked across a range of disciplines including marketing, sales, e-business, customer experience, operations and strategy.

Pete has been awarded four prestigious Marketer of the Year awards and is a Fellow of the Marketing Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. In 2019, Pete was awarded the Diversity Ally award at the European Diversity Awards for his work as Exec Sponsor for the TSB LGBT network. Pete is a mentor for The Marketing Academy, OUTstanding and Solent University.


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