In part 3, episode four of the Espresso Webinar Series, our Director of EMEA Marketing, Amy Kelly, welcomes Anabella Volpi, Senior Product Designer, and Alysia-Marie Annett, Content Designer at Trussle.

During this episode, we learn how to conduct research as a start-up and how the Trussle team incorporates the UserTesting platform to gain critical insights throughout their content and product design process.

Anabella Volpi
Senior Product Designer

Anabella Volpi, is a Senior Product Designer and she believes every problem can be solved with good design, and the best way to achieve good design is by combining design experience with user validation. One of Anabella’s goals is to provide users with the right tools to go through the mortgage process in a smooth and hassle-free way.
Alysia-Marie Annett
Content Designer

Alysia-Marie Annette recently joined Trussle as a content designer. Content design is a new focus area at Trussle, working to create content that is user-focussed, research-driven, and accessible to continue to make the complex world of mortgages simpler and hassle-free.

Alysia’s focus is always meeting the needs of users. She aims to use language that real people use and make everything as clear and simple as possible so that customers can positively interact with digital services in ways that meet their expectations.

Alysia believes that content is never truly finished and it needs to be revisited regularly to ensure that it continues to meet user needs. This is why Trussle is making user research a key part of their processes.

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