In episode 6 of Part Two of The Espresso Webinar Series, our Director of EMEA Marketing, Amy Kelly, welcomes Nicola Lush, Lead UI-UX Designer at Domino’s.

During this episode, we take a deep dive into methods and processes from a design perspective and how Nicola drives UX-UI design best practice at Dominos.

Nicola Lush
Lead UI-UX Designer

Nicola is a highly passionate designer and researcher who manages the UI and UX team at Domino's Pizza. She loves a good problem to solve, and her focus is on delivering friction-free user journeys so people can get their pizza as quickly and easily as possible. She works to bring the customer into the heart of her projects, using insights and testing to create accessible and user-friendly interfaces. Outside of work she enjoys playing hockey and her favourite Domino's Pizza is a Mighty Meaty.
Michael Mace
VP, Market Strategy

Mike is a 25-year veteran of the tech industry. He held marketing and strategy roles at Apple and Palm, co-founded two startups, and has also consulted for many tech industry companies.
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