Whether you’re an emerging startup, or an established business developing a new product or breaking into a new market, understanding your customers’ expectations allows you to identify and remedy small problems before they have the chance to become critical issues down the line. This is where user feedback plays such a critical role.

The best way to increase the odds of achieving growth goals is to get better informed about what your customers want, need and expect. Starting a research function from scratch in order to deliver on a customer-centric strategy can seem daunting at first, however the business impact is impeccable.

In this webinar, Anthony Rogalski, UserTesting’s Senior Solutions Consultant is joined by Cameron Maddux, Senior User Researcher at Scribd, to discuss the value user research brings to the table and how to go about building a UX program from scratch in a fast-growth organization.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What it means to be ‘customer-centric everything’ and why it’s so important
  • Methods and tools needed to build a UX function in your organization for the first time and tips on how to scale user research
  • How to effectively communicate the value of research to senior stakeholders and across the organization
Cameron Maddux
Senior User Researcher

Cameron has had three careers. First, as a digital brand strategist and researcher for marketing agencies in Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco. Then he built a Creative Strategy academic department and taught at an art school. Most recently, he has taken all that he learned in those two areas to work in market insight and product design research at Mailchimp, Salesforce, and now Scribd. He loves books.
Anthony Rogalski
Senior Solutions Consultant

Anthony is a Senior Solutions Consultant for UserTesting. Prior to UserTesting, he worked on the Customer Experience Analyst, and Sales Engineer at ForeSee where he consulted organizations on CX best practices and strategies specializing in the Financial Services industry.

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