Not only are the needs of your current users changing, but the ways new prospects and customers are learning about and using your digital products and services are also rapidly evolving. In this webinar Lija Hogan, Customer Experience Consultant, and Lauren DeFife, Principal UX Researcher, discuss personas and empathy maps.

You’ll learn:

  • What personas and empathy maps are and how to develop them
  • How these two key tools help you quickly understand customer needs
  • Tactical best practices and tips on how to use UserTesting to conduct interviews - both moderated and unmoderated - to inform them
Lija Hogan
Customer Experience Consultant

Lija Hogan is the Customer Experience Consultant at UserTesting. She previously grew and led the UX research team at ForeSee, where she was able help customers leverage behavioral and attitudinal analytics alongside qualitative insights to help tell compelling stories about customer experiences across a wide variety of industries. She has been a passionate UX research educator for 7 years at the University of Michigan, because she loves introducing those new to the profession to our ever- evolving language and methods. She enjoys working from home, surrounded by library that is slowly taking over her house, a kitchen that supports her aspirationally semi-pro cooking obsession, and in her off time, ferrying her daughter to extracurriculars.
Lauren DeFife
Principal UX Researcher

Lauren’s research roots lie in cognitive psychology and clinical neuroscience. Early in her career as a language researcher, she studied how we use language to shape our interactions with each other and our environment. Her interests found a natural fit within UX--how can we apply research methods to inform interaction design and ultimately inform business decisions. She has held various roles within enterprise UX research as well as consulting. At UserTesting, she currently leads a research team in Professional Services focused on consulting with clients to achieve their qualitative research goals.
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