Direct Media USA’s enterprise sales system was confusing to users and created a lot of frustration that ultimately hindered their ability to spend their time on selling. UX Researcher Sarah Geden was tasked with redesigning the system to make it more intuitive.

First, she had to develop a plan to get stakeholder approval for a larger development budget by aligning user goals to the executives’ business goals. She then had to create a research, design, and feature prioritization plan, get users excited to participate, and show the business impact of the research and design outcomes. The results included an improved user satisfaction, increased revenue, and decreased costs.

Now a Senior UX Researcher at UserTesting, in this webinar Sarah will share:

  • The methods she used to lead the first UX research and design initiative at her company
  • Strategies to make a business case for UX investment to executives
  • Additional UX influence strategies to evangelize for UX research
Sarah Geden
Senior UX Researcher

Sarah is Senior UX Researcher for the Professional Service team. She is originally from the Boston area but now lives in Denver. She holds an undergraduate degree in business from the University of New Hampshire as well as a master’s degree in human factors in information design from Bentley University. Sarah comes from a mixed background of UX and product roles and in her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, hiking, hanging out at the beach, boxing, and fostering puppies.


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