In this webinar, UserTesting Customer Solutions Consultant, Lija Hogan, and Microsoft Principal User Research Manager, Paula Bach, share how to create research narratives to frame and share your work.

Using a case study from Microsoft to show examples of practical tips and tricks for efficient storytelling, you'll learn:

  • How to find the thread and ask the right questions to develop a narrative
  • How UX archetypes can help you frame your story
  • How to connect your narrative to metrics and key business objectives
Paula Bach
Principal User Research Manager

Dr. Paula Bach is a Principal User Research Manager at Microsoft on the Customer and Insight and Research team. Her career has spanned over a decade producing and evangelizing customer insights to help teams make more human-centered product decisions. She earned a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction at the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University. During her career at Microsoft, she has helped shape code review and software diagnostic experiences in Visual Studio, documented workflows of data scientists, data engineers and data analysts for Power BI and Azure Data Factory, and studied launching and switching efficiencies in Windows. She currently manages a team of researchers digging into next-generation web browsing, mobile and cross-device experiences.
Lija Hogan
Customer Experience Consultant

Lija Hogan is the Customer Experience Consultant at UserTesting. She previously grew and led the UX research team at ForeSee, where she was able help customers leverage behavioral and attitudinal analytics alongside qualitative insights to help tell compelling stories about customer experiences across a wide variety of industries. She has been a passionate UX research educator for 7 years at the University of Michigan, because she loves introducing those new to the profession to our ever- evolving language and methods. She enjoys working from home, surrounded by library that is slowly taking over her house, a kitchen that supports her aspirationally semi-pro cooking obsession, and in her off time, ferrying her daughter to extracurriculars.
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