Retail Mobile Customer Experience Index: June 2017

About this report

In today’s rapidly evolving and highly competitive retail landscape, even the most well-established and successful organizations have to perform at peak across all channels. With smartphone usage continuing to rise, mobile sales are growing, and mobile web interactions are influencing more omnichannel purchases than ever before.

At UserTesting, we recently completed a competitive benchmarking study comparing the mobile web user experiences of eight of the top Fortune 100 retailers: Best Buy, Costco, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Target, TJ Maxx, and Walmart. Consumers attempted to complete a series of shopping tasks and then evaluated the mobile websites based on five key user experience factors.

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In this report, you’ll find:

  • How the eight retailers measured up against each other

  • Which mobile web shopping experiences worked—and which didn’t

  • How investment in mobile customer experience contributes to a company’s overall success

This report is for business leaders at retail organizations.

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