Three rules every mobile product needs to be successful

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About this on-demand webinar

The statistics surrounding mobile products are astounding. 99% of mobile apps will not be a financial success*. So what’s the secret to creating a viable mobile product? What are the top mobile teams doing that everyone else isn’t?

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In this live webinar, SC Moatti lays out the three rules that every mobile product needs to be successful. Currently the CEO of Products That Count, she draws on work experience as an executive at Facebook, Nokia, and Opera Software, as well as extensive interviews with mobile pioneers at Airbnb, Pandora, and Uber. Get ready to learn:

  • The new rules shaping the future of connected technology
  • How to create mobile products that get used by billions of people

  • How the world’s top companies are building successful mobile products

About the guest

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SC Moatti

CEO of Products That Count

SC Moatti is a mobile veteran from Silicon Valley and a recognized thought leader on mobile, innovation and leadership. While serving as an executive at mobile pioneers like Facebook, Trulia and Nokia, Moatti launched and monetized mobile products that are now used by billions of people and have received prestigious awards, including an International Digital Emmy Award nomination.

Moatti currently runs Products That Count, an organization that helps businesses of all sizes become mobile. She has a Stanford MBA and an MS in electrical engineering. Connect:, @scmoatti,