About UserTesting’s HackerOne Bug Bounty Program

Found something not working properly on our site that affects the security of our platform, our contributors, or our customers?

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UserTesting takes security and privacy very seriously, and the information provided through the HackerOne bug bounty program helps us maintain that commitment. Our program enables you to test our application (on desktop, iOS, and Android) in a sandbox that replicates our production environment.

Work with us to find vulnerabilities and you could get paid. UserTesting carefully reviews each bug bounty security submission and, along with HackerOne, triages reports to confirm their impact and validity. If your report is verified as a reproducible bug, you can potentially receive a bounty of up to $3,000 per submission. You can review our Bug Bounty policy terms and conditions on HackerOne once you receive an invitation to our program.

Become a part of the UserTesting HackerOne Bug Bounty Program now and you can:

  • Earn bounty rewards for finding vulnerabilities in the UserTesting platform
  • Collaborate with our UserTesting security team to fix live bugs
  • Build reputation points on HackerOne to earn even more credit within the hackersphere

Ready to get started?

If you’ve found a bug and would like to report it, please provide your HackerOne username in the form on this page to be invited to the program. Not a member of HackerOne yet? Click here to learn more and join.

Thanks in advance for your submissions. UserTesting’s Security team looks forward to having you join us on HackerOne.

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