8 Steps to Building Features Your Users Actually Want

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Features are a double-edged sword. Releasing a great one could be the defining moment that takes your product to the next level. Explosive growth, overjoyed users, investor money raining down from the sky... (maybe.)

But more often than not, new features become just another item in your ever-expanding navigation bar. One that's distracting your users away from the main reason they're there. As the list of features you add to your product grows, so does the impact they have on your UX, on your budget, and on the effectiveness of your team.

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In this eBook, you will learn how to ensure that each of your feature requests meets the following criteria:

  • It solves a problem your users actually have

  • It's usable

  • It isn't creating clutter

This eBook is for product managers, app developers, and anyone who wants to be certain that new features will help your product more than they hurt it.

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