Introducing Live Conversation

About this Webinar

From product managers and marketers to UX designers and researchers, everyone loves the insights gained from live customer interviews. Live interviews enable two-way, interactive discussions with customers, allowing you to observe non-verbal cues and ask follow-up questions. However, they come with a host of challenges: they are difficult to recruit for and schedule, take a long time to complete, and can be very expensive.

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You'll learn:

  • How Live Conversation enables companies to extract valuable human insights without the hassle of traditional customer interviews

  • How your team can effortlessly set up and run customer interviews using Live Conversation

  • Best practices for conducting a live interview that yields the most useful results

About the guest

Headshot of Mike Mace from UserTesting

Mike Mace from UserTesting

Mike Mace is the VP of Product Marketing at UserTesting.