Real-time feedback.
From real customers.
Wherever you work.

Templates make collecting customer feedback fast and easy.

Getting started collecting customer feedback can be overwhelming, but our free templates empower you to collect fast, rich feedback with think-aloud video responses from your customers or target audience. Pairing in-depth human insight with video allows you to listen and observe with empathy, enabling you to connect the dots between what people think, feel, say, and do.

Templates are designed by research experts and can be used as-is, customized to fit your exact needs, or used as inspiration for your next project:

  • Hear firsthand what people are looking for and the challenges they face before you start designing a solution with research and discovery templates. Customer journey, product adoption, benchmark ease of use, and more.
  • Learn if messaging and ads resonate with your target audiences with templates for testing ideas and prototypes. Concept validation, visual design evaluation, comprehension, and more.
  • Hone in on pain points and areas of opportunity then test variations to fine tune your experience with templates for launching and iterating quickly. Customer satisfaction, website/app conversions, pricing feedback, and more.

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