Doubleheader Event: Customer Empathy

The ROI of Empathy: How Marketers Use Customer Empathy as a Business Differentiator

LENGTH: 45 minutes

Making authentic connections with customers matters now more than ever as we continue to understand and adapt to the "new normal" together. Connecting business goals, customer insights, and outcomes ensure that your marketing team consistently makes the right decisions. And it all starts with a framework for using empathy.

You'll learn:

  • How to discover what matters most to your internal stakeholders and to your business
  • How to ensure that what you help participants experience is connected to the exact impact you want to make
  • How to hold your stakeholders accountable for providing feedback


Empathy and the Future of Marketing: B2B Success Stories

LENGTH: 45 minutes 

Today's business leaders expect marketing to deliver revenue and higher ROI. We believe marketing should focus on providing amazing customer experiences. And that requires something that is too often in short supply in the professional world: empathy! The future leaders of marketing are bridging this gap by demonstrating that customer empathy is the secret to marketing success and business growth.

In this session, we'll use real stories from B2B marketers who have learned how to use empathy to sell the case for change, to reach new customers, and to deliver real business value. That's the future of B2B.

You'll learn:

  • How to build the business case for empathy in marketing
  • Why customer empathy is the key to delivering amazing marketing content
  • The surprising trick to showing Marketing ROI
Lija Hogan
Customer Experience Consultant

Lija Hogan is the customer experience consultant at UserTesting. She previously grew and led the UX research team at ForeSee. She has been a highly regarded UX research educator for seven years at the University of Michigan.
Michael Brenner
Marketing Insider Group

Michael Brenner is a sought-after speaker and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, where he's worked with 75+ brands on thought leadership, marketing, and employee-activation programs. A best-selling author, his latest book is Mean People Suck: How Empathy Leads to Bigger Profits and Better Lives.

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