In honor of this year’s World Usability Day’s theme, Human-Centered AI, join us for a panel discussion about how the rise of AI is impacting UX.

Moderated by Jennifer Schmitt, Regional Manager, Solutions Consultants, UserTesting, hear from our panel of experts Jake Cook, CEO, Tadpull, Alon Bartur, Senior Director Product Management, Productboard, and Ranjitha Kumar, Chief Research Scientist, UserTesting on a number of topics related to AI and UX including:

  • Examples of how human-centered AI has influenced the usability of products or services they’ve designed and managed
  • How human-centered AI has impacted digital transformation
  • The role of customer feedback has to play when implementing AI or automation
Jake Cook

Jake serves as CEO of Tadpull, an eCommerce software automation company which works at the intersection of AI, digital marketing and experience design out of Bozeman, Montana. Over 15 years he's been fortunate to work with some of the world's leading brands including Google, Microsoft, Webby Awards, Caterpillar,, and Kickstarter. In his spare time, he develops and teaches courses on eCommerce and data science as an adjunct professor at the University of Montana's Businss Analytics program and Montana State University. His course materials have been open sourced at
Alon Bartur
Senior Director Product Management

Alon has spent his career building products that marry data and accessible user experiences. He's currently at Productboard, where he's helping other product teams keep customers at the heart of their product development processes. Prior to joining Productboard he held product leadership roles at Amplitude and Trifacta.
Ranjitha Kumar
Chief Research Scientist

Ranjitha Kumar is the Chief Research Scientist at UserTesting, and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research has won best paper awards/nominations at premier conferences in HCI, and is supported by grants from the NSF, Google, Amazon, and Adobe. She received her BS and PhD from the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, and co-founded Apropose, Inc., a data-driven design startup based on her dissertation work that was backed by Andreessen Horowitz and New Enterprise Associates.

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